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Mary Schamehorn - As I See It
Sun: 'Make It! Landmark Monoprints' at Art By The Sea Gallery
Sun: 'A Foray for Mushrooms Farmed & Foraged', Myrtle Point
Sun: 'Fused Glass Workshop', Bandon
Sun: 'Nature Materials Collage Workshop', Bandon
Sun: 'Living Beverages: Ale Tasting & Fermentation Tales', Coos Bay
Sun: 'Wood-Fired Sourdough Flatbreads', Myrtle Point
Sun: 'Movie Night at the Egyptian', Coos Bay
Sun: New Artists 'Mary Poppins Jr' at the Sprague, Bandon
Sun: Goin' With The Flo Vintage Trailer Rally, Florence
Sun: Chetco Pelican Players 'Haunted House', Brookings
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How to stay safe when the 'Big One' comes
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Video: Sheep Ranch Course

A typical day in Bandon

Bandon Dunes

Table Rock

Bandon photo submitted by David M

Bandon photo submitted by Richard P

An unused postcard from Mongo's collection

Bandon photo submitted by Tom S

Bandon photo submitted by Alf



Mongo's song pick of the day: Mick Jagger - 'Dancing In The Starlight'

Tide Table

Shawn's art pick of the week - 'Appaloosas Running in the Moonlight,' acrylic by Peggy Knox, Southern Coos Hospital Art Gallery



Beach Safety

joke of the day
A man walks into a doctor's office. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear.
"What's the matter with me?" he asks the doctor.
The doctor replies, "You're not eating properly."

From the archives

Video: Scene from 'Train to Busan', (2016)

mongo and minga

This Halloween costume has been approved by Mongo


Future events
Oct 20-27, 'Live Culture Coast', Southern Oregon Coast
Oct 20, Goin' With The Flo Vintage Trailer Rally, Florence
Oct 20,25-27, New Artists Production of 'Mary Poppins Jr' at the Sprague, Bandon
Oct 20-31, Chetco Pelican Players 'Haunted House', Brookings
Oct 20, 'Make It! Landmark Monoprints' at Art By The Sea Gallery
Oct 20, 'A Foray for Mushrooms Farmed & Foraged', Myrtle Point
Oct 20, 'Fused Glass Workshop', Bandon
Oct 20, 'Nature Materials Collage Workshop', Bandon
Oct 20, 'Living Beverages: Ale Tasting & Fermentation Tales', Coos Bay
Oct 20, 'Wood-Fired Sourdough Flatbreads', Myrtle Point
Oct 20, 'Movie Night at the Egyptian', Coos Bay
Oct 21, 'Fermented Pastes & Bases', Mother's Natural Grocery, Bandon
Oct 21, 'Fun with Fiber & Felting', The Wool Company, Bandon
Oct 21, 'Cidery Tour & Tasting', Bandon Rain, Bandon
Oct 21, 'Fused-Glass Demo', Bandon
Oct 21, Book Club Night at the library, 'Go Set a Watchman' by Harper Lee
Oct 22, 'South Slough Hike with All 5 Senses', Charleston
Oct 22, 'Fun Sway Boat Tour', Bandon
Oct 22, 'Lake and Lighthouse Van Tour', Coos Bay
Oct 22, 'Hike & Yoga Overlooking the Pacific', Charleston
Oct 22,23, Art class at Art By The Sea Gallery
Oct 23, 'Coffee-Roasting Demo & Tasting', Langlois
Oct 23, 'Art Exhibition: The Sensory Splendors of Place', Port Orford
Oct 23, 'Cranberries, Music & Art: A Great Night Out!', Langlois
Oct 23,30, Coos Bay Farmers Market
Oct 24, Planning Commission meeting, the agenda
Oct 24, 'Sustainable Sea-to-Table Cooking Demo', Port Orford
Oct 24, 'Make it! Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Kefir water', Port Orford
Oct 24, 'Books of Life: An Evening of Herbs', Port Orford
Oct 25, 'Left Coast Jazz' at the Langlois Cheese Factory
Oct 25, 'Fermentation 101', Gold Beach
Oct 25, 'The Full Brew: Demo & Beer Tasting', Brookings
Oct 25, 'Grow and Learn Garden Tour', Gold Beach
Oct 25, 'Bitters and Beach Art: Happy Hour and Reception', Gold Beach
Oct 25, Fat tire biking on the beach, Gold Beach
Oct 25-26, Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market
Oct 25,26, Labyrinth in the sand at Face Rock Beach
Oct 25,26,31, 'Haunted Woods' at Coos Bay Speedway
Oct 26, 'Hocus Pocus' at Egyptian Theatre, Coos Bay
Oct 26, 'Brewing Kombucha', Brookings
Oct 26, 'FermentWorks Miso Magic', Gold Beach
Oct 26, Beer and cheese pairing at Arch Rock Brewery, Gold Beach
Oct 26, 'The Process of Making Ginger Beer', Brookings
Oct 26, 'Make it! Aromatic Herbal Bitters', Brookings
Oct 26, 'The Feel of Sourdough Bread', Brookings
Oct 26, 'Making Kimchi Made Easy', Brookings
Oct 26, 'FermentWorks Miso Tempeh Natto Dinner', Brookings
Oct 27, 'Bake It! Naturally Leavened Bread', Gold Beach
Oct 27, 'Coast Screen-Printing Workshop', Brookings
Oct 27, 'The Art of Brewing Beer', Brookings
Oct 27, 'FermentWorks Science Pub: Microbiome and Fermented Foods', Brookings
Oct 27, 'Oregon Redwoods Van Tour', Brookings
Oct 27, 'Live Culture Coast Photo Contest', Brookings
Oct 27, 'Taste of the Intertidal', Port Orford
Oct 31, 'Mall-O-Ween' at Pony Village Mall
Nov 01, 'Coos Bay Speedway Awards Banquet', Coquille
Nov 01, Oregon Coastal Management System in The Barn
Nov 01, Downtown Coos Bay Wine Walk
Nov 02, 'Santa Paws' at Pony Village Mall
Nov 02, Golden and Silver Falls hike w/South Coast Striders
Nov 02-03, 'Wild Rivers Mushroom Festival', Brookings
Nov 02,23, Fall Mushroom Workshop, South Slough
Nov 09, Veterans Day Program at the Museum, Bandon
Nov 29, Black Friday at Pony Village Mall, 6:00 AM
Nov 29-Dec 29, 'Nature's Coastal Holiday Festival of Lights', Brookings
Nov 28-Dec 31, Christmas Lights at Shore Acres
Nov 30, Alive After Five & Wine Walk, Old Town Bandon
Nov 30,Dec 01,07,08,14,15,20-24, Santa at Pony Village Mall, 6:00 AM
Dec 03, Bandon Showcase at the Sprague: Aureum
Dec 14, Breakfast with Santa, Pony Village Mall
Dec 20-22, Model Train Show at Pony Village Mall
Feb 08, 36th Annual Charleston Crab Feed, North Bend

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